Sometimes sports can take away a little bit of the pain of what’s going on in the world. —Patrick Kane (via your-silhouetted-thinking)

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Max Domi “flying” high at the NHLPA Rookie Showcase, where he won best performance.

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I’m not some physics expert but I’m pretty sure the Cup weighs 35 pounds even when you’re lifting it.

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Found this ad in a Nickelodeon magazine from 2004.

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My hair is so much softer on days I don’t wash it omg this is the softest it’s ever been #tmiTaylor #noOneCares

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The issue with this time change is when I wake up and am bored and go on Instagram there’s nothing to see

HQ - More pictures of Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Inglewood, California. - [8/24]

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Face Swap Of The Week: Up.

Kim Jong Il and Bill Clinton going on an adventure.

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that girl you just called a scene? she’s a god damn arms race.

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Deleted Disney Songs

As Long as There’s a Moon // Beyond the Laughing Sky // Clair De Lune // Dancing to the Wedding Drum // Human Again // Humiliate the Boy // I Can’t Believe My Heart // If I Never Knew You // I’m Odd // Keep ‘Em Guessing // The Middle of the River // The Morning Report // One Dance // Proud of Your Boy // To Be King // Why Me? // The Work Song

I like how the melody from “Beyond the Laughing Sky” was later used in Peter Pan.

i got to perform “keep ‘em guessing” when i played mulan in middle school (i know, weirdest casting ever)

it’s such a fun song

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Erekle and I circa 1960, true love really



Trying to cover up the Canada logo this time (x)


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